Hello From Me – Toby Fieldgood

toby-jugHello – my name is Toby and welcome to my first blog post.

I’m not sure if a Toby jug is an English thing or whether it’s all over the world but it’s sort of my signature but I promise…it’ll be the last picture of one!

Anyway, I’m English and live in Kent with my lovely lady wife Shaz.  I work in Hastings and training to be an accountant – hopefully will pass my exams soon and become fully qualified.  While I love my job, would be nice to have a bit more money coming in and when I pass, I can get a raise.

We just moved into a nice house which is a couple of miles away from the sea – we love walking along the coast and getting some fresh air.  We can spend whole days at the coast enjoying being out.

Anyway, we have some good news coming up but I’ve been instructed not to mention it.  So I won’t.  But I’m excited and want the whole world to know.

Back soon.