Ralf Is Settling In…Too Well?

It’s great to have a dog in the house again – makes you realise what you’ve missed and Ralf has wiggled his skinny way into our hearts.  We are finding ourselves going, as a family, for long walks to exercise him and we’re talking more as a couple than we have done in a long time.  Happy days.

Well…more or less.

Shaz is feeling sorry for him.  Yes, we have a nice kennel which is more than big enough for him but she thinks that Ralf would like to have a bit more open space to move about it.  Hasn’t she noticed that he lays in his cozy kennel until we come in from work and then goes out into the run?  That’s besides the point.  So I came in one day and found an email – it looks like we are soon to be a proud owner of an even larger dog run!

Shaz ordered some galvanised panels.  You bolt them together making a dog run (you can see the type of panels here) so Ralf now has more room to move about in that I do!  Not that I begrude him, of course – we chose to have him so it’s our responsibility to keep him as happy as possible.

I’m looking forward to the 2nd weekend in January – we’ve booked a pet friendly room in a bed and breakfast and all 3 of us are going to spend all the time walking along the Norfolk coast.  It’ll be a long journey for Ralf (do they make doggy-toilets for cars?) but with enough stops, I’m sure he’ll be fine and when we get there, he’ll love running along the beach.  I’m not sure if I’m up to the exercise but we shall soon find out.  Monday might see me longing to get back to work for a rest!



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