Let’s All Welcome Ralf To His New Home

Well, it’s been longer coming than I thought but the day is here. Ralf has arrived at his new home and he’s loving it.

Who is Ralf?

Ralf the beagleHe’s the newest member of our family and a good looking beagle!

A friend of ours have had him for about 3 years but was recently offered a job in the city which really was too good to pass on. But it meant not being about to take Ralf with him and I must say that seeing them part with a loved part of their life was heart breaking and Ralf is missing them but we are doing our best to help him settle in his new home. He’s getting used to things.

More about the little guy. He’s 3 1/2 (give or take) and a purebred beagle. He’s very well behaved and while not completely trained (he still jumps up a bit more than I would like), I’m sure we can persuade him to be a little less rough. He’s enjoying all the attention he’s getting – we are taking him on long family walks all the time as he has so much energy. It’s great to see.

When everyone is out of the house, he can be a bit rough on the furniture. We were told about this before we got him so decided to get a nice sized dog kennel (we got it from here) so when we’re out, he’s got a dry place to be until we return – which normally isn’t long so he doesn’t get lonely. I was concerned about him barking while being in his new dog house but that’s not been the case – we’ve had chats with the neighbours who say that he’s well behaved when we’re not around.

It really is exciting to have a new guy in the house. Yes, he’s being spoilt (to a certain extent – we don’t want to make things tough on ourselves for the future). We are going to be soon taking him to obedience classes – a well trained dog is not only happy but so is the rest of the family (who isn’t being dragged down the road!).

What do you think of him? I’ve attached a picture of him and I’m sure you’ll agree that he’s one extrement handsome guy. He must take after me 🙂


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